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Don’t Blink!

October 18, 2011

Just when I think things are going a certain way – something changes. We may have some news to share before Christmas – waiting to see how everything works out. We could use every prayer for wisdom and open hearts we can get if anyone’s of a mind to pray for us. There are a lot of decisions to be made and adjustments coming if it all works out. We would also appreciate prayer for kindness from others who may not understand our decision. Don’t blink! You might miss something!


“Not Me” Monday…..

October 3, 2011

Although there’ve been many candidates for this post previously, I’m just beginning to participate!  If you’ve had one of those ‘not me’s’ like I have, please post yours!

I’m NOT old!  I never ask if I’ve told stories to people and have NEVER already told them at least once, if not more.

Today during school, I asked Bella where the blue dry-erase marker was.  Looked all over for it.   It was NOT in my hand.  DOH!

This weekend, The Ogre had to be at work before I did, so he reset the alarm for me.  I got up way before it went off and was going about my business.  I was standing in the bedroom, having just tossed my jammies into the hamper (aka clothing challenged), and hear, “Mom?”  I did NOT freak that a kid had walked in on me until I realized the alarm had gone off and it was a kids’ program on the radio!

Note to self:  MUST GET THE BEDROOM DOOR FIXED SO I CAN LOCK IT!  Then I won’t think the kids have come in and will need therapy for the rest of their lives!!!!

Oh, what a way to write my first “Not Me” post!

Kindergarteners, Advertising and Meth…

September 21, 2011

Here’s a screen grab from Yahoo! tonight:

Anyone need a good dealer?

Note the ad on the side of the page under “Sponsored Links.”  Really???

Crime and Punishment…

September 18, 2011

I’ve been saying for years that our children need different consequences for their actions. One that works for Frank probably won’t work for Belle. Proved that theory today…

Being a nice mom, I let Belle sleep as late as possible before waking her for church. See, she’s been told that if she doesn’t get up the first time, I get to choose her outfit. Since she lives in T-shirts and shorts/jeans, that does not make her happy! The THIRD time I went in, we had 5 minutes to get out the door to make it to church on time. I fussed, went downstairs to get my coffee, and she was still doodling in the bathroom. (FYI: ‘doodling’ means ‘being pokey’) I left her butt home.

When I got back home, I’d decided on her punishment for being such a slacker. She lost all electronic privileges until after church NEXT Sunday, and is on ‘room arrest.’ ‘Room arrest’ worked wonders for Frank. We’d take all his stuff away and he couldn’t come out of his room except for bathroom visits, meals and school. He HATED it. Belle….not so much. She’d prefer to stay in her room and not be bothered by anyone. She’d use the time to sleep and probably draw and read her dog magazines.

And I had to reboot my plan. She’s still unplugged until after church next week, but now here’s the deal: I’m going to to to the thrift store and buy the most butt-ugly dress with ribbons, lace & ruffles I can find. If she doesn’t get up the very first time – she’s wearing it to church! And I may add on that I get to do her hair – curls, and the biggest darn bow I can find! (And if you know Belle at all, you’ll know this may get me charged with violating the Geneva Convention as torture!)

So what works when you have to give your kids consequences? Inquiring minds want to know!

Catching Up, September 2011 edition…

September 13, 2011

It’s been a crazy (to me!) couple of weeks, so here’s catching up!

My mom was sick and in a lot of pain for 3 days, so I was worried about that.   On the 4th day (a Wednesday), Dad took her to the ER and she ended up having her gall bladder removed on the 5th day.  I went up on the day she was released from the hospital to stay with her for a couple of days.  While I was at Mom & Dad’s, the Ogre’s grandmother was admitted to the hospital with a blood clot.  Oh, the medical dramas of my life!

The grandmother was released from the hospital after 3 or 4 days.  They couldn’t remove the clot and all their options would’ve killed her (she was 90), so they sent her back to the nursing home.  She passed away last Wednesday and the funeral was Saturday.  I’m realizing I hold a lot more bitterness toward her than I thought.

Belle has been sick for almost a month now.  I was sure it was allergies when it started, but she coughed so much that her tailbone hurt, so off to the doctor we went.  We got a Zpack and some nasal allergy spray.  She’s not coughing as much, but she runs an intermittent fever (classic for her!) and is really tired.

Needless to say, we haven’t been getting much school done lately.  Life has just been crazy – by that, I mean ‘not on my schedule.’   So many people would just roll with all the changes, but not me!  I’m seriously controlled by my schedule.

I’ve missed a couple of birthdays and an anniversary during this time, and I forgot to renew my library books, which means I now owe a stupid tax of more than $5.  Gotta climb back out of this pile of  chores I’m behind on and get back on track!

We passed the anniversary of 9/11 on Sunday.  I remember that day too well.  I had just quit my night job and was trying to get back on a normal daylight schedule.  Belle & I were downstairs (she was 2), the tv was on, and I was napping on the couch while she played next to me.  I remember opening my eyes and wondering what movie was on.  I knew I’d left the channel on the news!  Then I couldn’t stop watching.  I saw the second plane hit, the towers collapse, people falling from the buildings, and I remember calling my friend Sheila (because she never turned on the tv).  Frank was in 4th grade.  His teacher’s brother was in NYC at that time.  Fortunately, he was safe.  For a couple of days, the news was my life.  It was always on, and I was just so shocked at the violence.  I had to make myself stop watching because it affected my life so much.

Our life has gone on since 9/11/01.  Kids have grown, jobs have changed, we’ve gotten older.  But we have not forgotten, nor will we ever forget, that day.

The First Day of School (2011 edition)…

August 18, 2011

Ever since B started school, I’ve tried to take that “first day of school” photo with the kids.  Sadly, that tradition is coming to an end, what with F in college.  I got up this morning and he’d already left for work, so my photo will have to wait until we’re all home tonight!

Since B is homeschooled, today will be our 33rd school day.  Not our first, just the school district’s.  F’s first day is next Tuesday.  So basically, today is like any other day in our house.

BUT…today, while the other kids are already in their seats at school, we’re still in jammies (or sleeping!).  Today, we’ll ease into our day instead of jumping straight into class.  Today, we’ll get to pet our dogs while we read aloud.  Today, we’ll get to stop for breaks without worrying about finishing before the bell rings.  Tonight, while other kids are doing homework and going to bed early, we’ll have something sweet and watch a movie together.   Can you tell I love the freedom to homeschool??

Belle's First Day of Kindergarten

We didn’t always homeschool.  It never even crossed my mind when F was little.  But when B was small – before she was old enough for school – I would get weepy just thinking about it!  We’d talk about going to school and she’d ask, “Are you gonna cry, Mama?”  And she wasn’t talking about WHEN she got to school, but THEN – while we were discussing it!  When she started kindergarten, she loved it for the most part.  But she did not go to bed easily at night (and still doesn’t) and was/is hard to wake in the mornings.  She’d get off the bus and cry because she was so tired.  She hadn’t learned a thing at school, which became evident when she had homework to do and I had to explain it all to her.  She missed 20 days of just her second semester of kindergarten due to a virus.  A little boy couldn’t keep his pants zipped around her and tried to kiss her.  So I thought about it, read about it, prayed about it, and pulled her out halfway through first grade.  (The same little boy was in both years.)  F was never homeschooled, but he did just fine.  Sometimes I wonder if he would’ve done even better at home.

And here we are, 33 days into seventh (SEVENTH!!!!) grade with my baby, and my other baby is a college sophomore.  The time has flown by so quickly.  I love my kids.  I love being with my kids (most of the time!).  I love that I get to share my days with the most amazing girl.  And she benefits from her time with me – I can see it.  If we are together all day, she is a much happier girl.  When I worked all week recently, she was a terror!  She needs that time with me – and I with her.  So homeschooling works for us.  I am so blessed!

The kids...

Tool of the devil…

August 2, 2011

I am convinced that the devil uses whatever he can to keep us from having time with God.  TVs, chores, sleeping late, whatever.  At my house, my goal is to get up, put the dogs outside and sit in my chair for my time with God and His word.   I can usually get that accomplished 4-5 days a week.  And when I do — never fails! — our cute, fuzzy, little, brown Libby dog decides she’s had enough outside time and will sit right at the back door and bark.  She does have the CUTEST bark!  But I cannot focus on God when she is barking.  I can’t eliminate her (we love her!), so I’m going to have to change my routine.  I guess I’ll have to wait just a bit longer for the girls to get their business done outside and let them in.  Then I’ll have to get them settled down so they aren’t running around, bouncing off the furniture!

Can you believe this little face is a tool of the devil???

Libby Rose

What’s the devil using to keep YOU from time with God?