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Well, I’d Never….

January 9, 2012

Well, this past week I most certainly did not use the Ogre’s eyebrow groomer to try to do my own.  I know that as sure as I tried, I’d crew-cut my eyelashes, so NO, I’d NEVER do that!!!  And of course it would not take me until the next day to figure out what I’d done!

I also would never try to defuzz my face with body Nair.  No-siree-bob!  I know that as sensitive as my skin is I’d irritate it for sure!  And I’d definitely not ever do something THAT dumb the day before the Ogre & I go to a Faith Hill/Tim McGraw concert with backstage passes to meet Ms. Hill!  (Who, btw, is (was) super-scrawny!)  And even if I was that dumb, I’d never, ever, let there be photographic evidence with me looking like a Roma tomato!!

I’d also never buy a new curling iron that proclaims to be for ‘hard to curl’ hair (which I have) and then try it out just before I go to work……two days in a row!!!  I always test out my beauty products and equipment before I have to be somewhere!  And certainly, none of the guys at work would ask me to start singing “Tomorrow” and call me Annie!

I guess there are lots of things I’d never, but somehow seem to do them anyway!

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