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I Lost My Keys…..

November 21, 2011

Gee, there’s a song there.  “…in the great unknown.  And call me, please, I can’t find my phone.”   Yes, today I lost my keys.

We had Small Group Tailgating today after the 2nd church service.  It was supposed to be partly cloudy and 72, but ended up being drizzly and somewhere in the 60s (until about 4pm, THEN the sun came out!).  We partnered with a single guys’ group and they brought the meat & grill while our ladies’ group brought potato salad, mac n cheese, desserts, drinks, paper products and other goodies.

The kids (mine) went back & forth to the car several times, using my keys.  I finally told them just to leave it unlocked.  And somewhere in between the time I said that and the time I got in the car, the keys disappeared.  Swell.  It did NOT make The Ogre happy!  I was trying to think where they could’ve gotten to.  Everyone else in the group had gone – surely they would’ve said something about extra keys lying around!  Bella checked the parking lot where we’d been standing – nothing.  The Ogre went through the bags we’d put in the car to take home… dice.  The kids got out of the car to see if they were sitting on them, I checked my purse to see if someone tossed them in there, we looked in the glove box.  Finally, The Ogre told me to check my pockets.  I told him I didn’t feel them (surely you can feel a ring of keys while you’re sitting in jeans, right?) and kept patting my pockets.  Nothing.  Finally, I got out of the car to double check the bags in the back.  Found the keys.  IN MY POCKET!

Bella says, “Well, Oldilocks is back!”  Swell.  Just swell.  Life’s just a fairy tale, right?

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