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Oh, Crap! (Why Moms Should Watch Their Phrasing)…

November 16, 2011

So, Bella & I are talking about what grade she’s in.  (It’s 7th.)  She tells me she was thinking it was 8th, but her ‘brain is scrambled.’  (That’s her favorite excuse for not giving me an answer to a question.)  Then the conversation goes like this:

B:    Only 5 more years and I’m outta here!

Me:   Well, you need to study hard so you can get into college, because you’re either going to have to get a four-year degree or go to a technical school, or beauty school (where she says, “Oh, ick, no!) or a trade school so you can earn a living.  No one’s going to throw money at you for standing there and looking good – you’re not tall enough to be a model.

B:     (after a pause)  Well, maybe….(giggling)…..

Me:    (another pause, then light bulb gleams)  No, you CAN’T be a stripper!!!!

Lesson may be learned, but I’m sure there will be more faux pas coming from me.  But it’ll be a funny story to tell when she does graduate!

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