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“Not Me” Monday…..

October 3, 2011

Although there’ve been many candidates for this post previously, I’m just beginning to participate!  If you’ve had one of those ‘not me’s’ like I have, please post yours!

I’m NOT old!  I never ask if I’ve told stories to people and have NEVER already told them at least once, if not more.

Today during school, I asked Bella where the blue dry-erase marker was.  Looked all over for it.   It was NOT in my hand.  DOH!

This weekend, The Ogre had to be at work before I did, so he reset the alarm for me.  I got up way before it went off and was going about my business.  I was standing in the bedroom, having just tossed my jammies into the hamper (aka clothing challenged), and hear, “Mom?”  I did NOT freak that a kid had walked in on me until I realized the alarm had gone off and it was a kids’ program on the radio!

Note to self:  MUST GET THE BEDROOM DOOR FIXED SO I CAN LOCK IT!  Then I won’t think the kids have come in and will need therapy for the rest of their lives!!!!

Oh, what a way to write my first “Not Me” post!

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