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Crime and Punishment…

September 18, 2011

I’ve been saying for years that our children need different consequences for their actions. One that works for Frank probably won’t work for Belle. Proved that theory today…

Being a nice mom, I let Belle sleep as late as possible before waking her for church. See, she’s been told that if she doesn’t get up the first time, I get to choose her outfit. Since she lives in T-shirts and shorts/jeans, that does not make her happy! The THIRD time I went in, we had 5 minutes to get out the door to make it to church on time. I fussed, went downstairs to get my coffee, and she was still doodling in the bathroom. (FYI: ‘doodling’ means ‘being pokey’) I left her butt home.

When I got back home, I’d decided on her punishment for being such a slacker. She lost all electronic privileges until after church NEXT Sunday, and is on ‘room arrest.’ ‘Room arrest’ worked wonders for Frank. We’d take all his stuff away and he couldn’t come out of his room except for bathroom visits, meals and school. He HATED it. Belle….not so much. She’d prefer to stay in her room and not be bothered by anyone. She’d use the time to sleep and probably draw and read her dog magazines.

And I had to reboot my plan. She’s still unplugged until after church next week, but now here’s the deal: I’m going to to to the thrift store and buy the most butt-ugly dress with ribbons, lace & ruffles I can find. If she doesn’t get up the very first time – she’s wearing it to church! And I may add on that I get to do her hair – curls, and the biggest darn bow I can find! (And if you know Belle at all, you’ll know this may get me charged with violating the Geneva Convention as torture!)

So what works when you have to give your kids consequences? Inquiring minds want to know!

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