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Catching Up, September 2011 edition…

September 13, 2011

It’s been a crazy (to me!) couple of weeks, so here’s catching up!

My mom was sick and in a lot of pain for 3 days, so I was worried about that.   On the 4th day (a Wednesday), Dad took her to the ER and she ended up having her gall bladder removed on the 5th day.  I went up on the day she was released from the hospital to stay with her for a couple of days.  While I was at Mom & Dad’s, the Ogre’s grandmother was admitted to the hospital with a blood clot.  Oh, the medical dramas of my life!

The grandmother was released from the hospital after 3 or 4 days.  They couldn’t remove the clot and all their options would’ve killed her (she was 90), so they sent her back to the nursing home.  She passed away last Wednesday and the funeral was Saturday.  I’m realizing I hold a lot more bitterness toward her than I thought.

Belle has been sick for almost a month now.  I was sure it was allergies when it started, but she coughed so much that her tailbone hurt, so off to the doctor we went.  We got a Zpack and some nasal allergy spray.  She’s not coughing as much, but she runs an intermittent fever (classic for her!) and is really tired.

Needless to say, we haven’t been getting much school done lately.  Life has just been crazy – by that, I mean ‘not on my schedule.’   So many people would just roll with all the changes, but not me!  I’m seriously controlled by my schedule.

I’ve missed a couple of birthdays and an anniversary during this time, and I forgot to renew my library books, which means I now owe a stupid tax of more than $5.  Gotta climb back out of this pile of  chores I’m behind on and get back on track!

We passed the anniversary of 9/11 on Sunday.  I remember that day too well.  I had just quit my night job and was trying to get back on a normal daylight schedule.  Belle & I were downstairs (she was 2), the tv was on, and I was napping on the couch while she played next to me.  I remember opening my eyes and wondering what movie was on.  I knew I’d left the channel on the news!  Then I couldn’t stop watching.  I saw the second plane hit, the towers collapse, people falling from the buildings, and I remember calling my friend Sheila (because she never turned on the tv).  Frank was in 4th grade.  His teacher’s brother was in NYC at that time.  Fortunately, he was safe.  For a couple of days, the news was my life.  It was always on, and I was just so shocked at the violence.  I had to make myself stop watching because it affected my life so much.

Our life has gone on since 9/11/01.  Kids have grown, jobs have changed, we’ve gotten older.  But we have not forgotten, nor will we ever forget, that day.

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