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The First Day of School (2011 edition)…

August 18, 2011

Ever since B started school, I’ve tried to take that “first day of school” photo with the kids.  Sadly, that tradition is coming to an end, what with F in college.  I got up this morning and he’d already left for work, so my photo will have to wait until we’re all home tonight!

Since B is homeschooled, today will be our 33rd school day.  Not our first, just the school district’s.  F’s first day is next Tuesday.  So basically, today is like any other day in our house.

BUT…today, while the other kids are already in their seats at school, we’re still in jammies (or sleeping!).  Today, we’ll ease into our day instead of jumping straight into class.  Today, we’ll get to pet our dogs while we read aloud.  Today, we’ll get to stop for breaks without worrying about finishing before the bell rings.  Tonight, while other kids are doing homework and going to bed early, we’ll have something sweet and watch a movie together.   Can you tell I love the freedom to homeschool??

Belle's First Day of Kindergarten

We didn’t always homeschool.  It never even crossed my mind when F was little.  But when B was small – before she was old enough for school – I would get weepy just thinking about it!  We’d talk about going to school and she’d ask, “Are you gonna cry, Mama?”  And she wasn’t talking about WHEN she got to school, but THEN – while we were discussing it!  When she started kindergarten, she loved it for the most part.  But she did not go to bed easily at night (and still doesn’t) and was/is hard to wake in the mornings.  She’d get off the bus and cry because she was so tired.  She hadn’t learned a thing at school, which became evident when she had homework to do and I had to explain it all to her.  She missed 20 days of just her second semester of kindergarten due to a virus.  A little boy couldn’t keep his pants zipped around her and tried to kiss her.  So I thought about it, read about it, prayed about it, and pulled her out halfway through first grade.  (The same little boy was in both years.)  F was never homeschooled, but he did just fine.  Sometimes I wonder if he would’ve done even better at home.

And here we are, 33 days into seventh (SEVENTH!!!!) grade with my baby, and my other baby is a college sophomore.  The time has flown by so quickly.  I love my kids.  I love being with my kids (most of the time!).  I love that I get to share my days with the most amazing girl.  And she benefits from her time with me – I can see it.  If we are together all day, she is a much happier girl.  When I worked all week recently, she was a terror!  She needs that time with me – and I with her.  So homeschooling works for us.  I am so blessed!

The kids...

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