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Tool of the devil…

August 2, 2011

I am convinced that the devil uses whatever he can to keep us from having time with God.  TVs, chores, sleeping late, whatever.  At my house, my goal is to get up, put the dogs outside and sit in my chair for my time with God and His word.   I can usually get that accomplished 4-5 days a week.  And when I do — never fails! — our cute, fuzzy, little, brown Libby dog decides she’s had enough outside time and will sit right at the back door and bark.  She does have the CUTEST bark!  But I cannot focus on God when she is barking.  I can’t eliminate her (we love her!), so I’m going to have to change my routine.  I guess I’ll have to wait just a bit longer for the girls to get their business done outside and let them in.  Then I’ll have to get them settled down so they aren’t running around, bouncing off the furniture!

Can you believe this little face is a tool of the devil???

Libby Rose

What’s the devil using to keep YOU from time with God?

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