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Catching Up….

July 15, 2011

Halfway through July already!  We’ve been busy and not busy at the same time, if you know what I mean.  Seems like we’ve been having lots of stuff happen, but not really???

Miss Scarlette has settled in very nicely.  She spends 99% of her time with Belle.  She sleeps with Belle, sits on Belle’s lap, follows her around like a shadow.  If Belle goes upstairs and leaves S down with me, S will sit with me for a bit, but jumps down and races upstairs to find her girl.  When Belle goes to FUSE*, Scarlette fusses.  She can’t STAND to be away from Belle!  But we all love her – she’s adorable!

Frank is working on campus this summer, mostly in the dish pit.  Some days he works just lunch, others lunch & dinner, which can make for a long day for him.  I’m just glad he’s working!

Frank has decided to live at home while he goes to CIU this year.  It’s a cost-saving plan, and I hope he doesn’t miss living on campus too much.  I really don’t want him to miss out on the friendships he’s made and all the crazy things they do!

Jessica (Frank’s girlfriend) has visited with us two weekends this summer.  We love having her here, even though she doesn’t eat meat 😦 LOL!  Belle really enjoys having another female around, and Jessica is very good with her.

Belle spent two weeks in June at Camp Mimi (my parents’).  She & Frank kept saying how much they missed each other and couldn’t wait to hang out together.  She got home and the honeymoon lasted less than 24 hours.  Typical.  One more week and she goes to The Gauntlet in Daytona Beach with the youth group.  I’m hoping she will be changed by her time there.  I was signed up to go, but they had more adults volunteer than they needed – so now I have to work 😦

After she returns from Daytona, both kids will be going to IOP with my MIL, then when they get back from THAT, they will be going to visit Jessica for a weekend.  School will start back for Frank on 8/23.

Belle & I are working on school in between her summer plans, but aren’t getting much done.  I keep telling myself it’s not how much I check off my list – it’s the journey of education that matters.  That’s tough for me – I like to check stuff off!  But she says she’s enjoying reading her Lewis & Clark book, her King Arthur book, and the Isaac Newton bio from her list.  That makes me so happy — BUT DON’T TELL HER!  She will rebel in a skinny minute if she thinks I’m thrilled about her reading!  Twelve is a really rough year – hoping 13 is better.  Sheesh!

The Ogre & I are praying on making some changes.  We hope to have some direction soon.  Things have been in the same rut for far too long.  Any prayers would be appreciated.

Hopefully more posts coming soon!


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