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March 28, 2011

Reading Romans today about how we are free from the law.  Thinking about how I want to live my life fully and freely, but that I am so bogged down in my own ‘laws’ that I miss so much.  My ‘law’ of wanting the Ogre to have a great job with benefits and steady hours.  That’s for me, not for him.  God smacked me over the head today with that one.  I have been unable to freely give my love and support to him because of my ‘law.’  I wanted something different than what I’ve been given and have ignored the fact that God has blessed me with the things I need regardless of what things I thought I needed.  I really need to apologize to the Ogre for my selfish behavior over the past 2 years.  That’s a tough one for me, but I am to be free from fear – God is with me – so I can do it with His help!

Jesus died to set me free from the law.  His blood covers my sins.  I am free to live my life victoriously!  I am free to love abundantly!  I am free to give unselfishly!  I am free to pray unceasingly!

Thank you, God, for your gracious, unending love and mercy toward me!

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