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Spring Has Sprung…

March 24, 2011

And I’m soooooo happy it has!  This winter has been cold, or I’m getting old!  I am loving the 70-75 degree days and nights in the 40-50 range.  I hate being cold or  hot when I’m awake, and I hate being hot when I sleep.  I had the windows open until we hit 80 the other day, and now with the “yellow rain” of spring (pollen), they must stay shut for as long as the pollen lasts!

I love the greens of spring, and all the blooms we get.  I love getting to see new buds arrive, baby leaves peep from the branches, trees burst forth with blooms and greenery.  There is not much like it in this life (except Fall, when the leaves show off before dying).  Everything is new again – just like God’s mercies each morning.

I have a mystery plant that volunteered itself in a pot on the deck.  I’ve emailed to to my mom to see if she can identify it.  It’s pretty, but if it’s a weed I need to yank it before it sets seed.  If it’s not, I’ll probably move it somewhere out front so it will take attention from the weeds.  Any ideas what it is??

I have no idea what this thing is, but it's pretty!

I like to take pictures of the house to note the changes that are made from year-to-year.  This is my front door (which needs a fresh coat of paint). 

My St. Patrick’s Day plaque doesn’t have as much ooomph as I’d like, but it will change on April 1st, so I can handle it a couple more days.  I’m in love with my house numbers.  I made them with my Cricut and some magnetic paper!  I’d wanted some vinyl numbers to put over the door, but I made do with what I had, and it turned out great!

This is the house….And this is what I found watching me take pictures of the front of the house…And last, but not least, the flowers I have growing in the front pots.  They’re dianthus, and you can see the pollen on them which is blanketing every known thing in the state!!! 


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