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In Which I Find a Strange Allergy…

January 9, 2011

A couple of years ago, my ears got itchy & crusty.  I know, TMI.  But it’s been driving me crazy!  They would itch and peel so much that B would go fishing for clumps of dead skin any time she had tweezers in her hand!  So, this summer I went swimming at Mom & Dad’s and about a week later, lost the hearing in one ear.  I tried wax remover (had that problem since childhood), swim-ear, etc., but nothing helped, so I had to go get checked out.  At the pharmacy’s clinic, the NP could see fluid behind the other ear, but couldn’t see anything in the painful ear.  She ended up putting a wick into my ear canal and writing me a scrip for drops that cost ONE HUNDRED TWENTY DOLLARS!!!  (Mostly because I couldn’t say without a shadow of a doubt that I wasn’t pregnant — I’m not!)  After a couple of days, the wick fell out and my hearing returned.

This is the culprit:  

(Photo from

Since then, I’ve been trying hard not to dry my ears after showering — but it’s so hard!!!  I like having dry ears and wiping them with a towel just doesn’t cut it!  Sometimes I just have to do it and then I crust up again.  My ears are red and sore, but if I can just stop with the swabs, I’ll be okay!

Okay, grossology over.  Go back to your lives, citizens!

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