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The Goodness of God….

December 23, 2010

We’ve had a crappy year.  Almost left the Ogre.  Almost lost our home.  Did lose a vehicle.  Almost had no Christmas gifts for under the tree.  Fortunately for us, God is good.

Marriage. We’re still trying to work out the marriage issues.  I feel God calling me to stay even though it would be so much easier (in my mind) to not have to deal with the Ogre.  He doesn’t understand that.  He doesn’t understand that it’s more important for me to obey God than it is to stay in a relationship I’m not happy in.  Being happy isn’t everything.

Home. God came through and got our mortgage refinanced.  Our payment is almost half what it used to be.  We’re still here with electricity and water and phones.

Vehicle.  Yes, we lost a vehicle through voluntary repossession.  But God provided another vehicle for us that we were able to pay cash for.  No more car payments.  It’s 10 years old with 157k miles on it, but it’s paid for and should last me another 2.5 years.

Christmas gifts. Every year, the owner of the business where I work gives bonuses.  This year, my bonus was strictly for Christmas – nothing else.  And I anticipated that it would follow the pattern of the past 2 years:  $x for every Christmas there.  It’s my 3rd Christmas, but I received 2nd Christmas money.  I was disappointed, but I am so grateful to have a job that gives bonuses.  I remind myself that there are people in this country who will have nothing at all — no tree, no presents, no food, no home.  I am truly blessed.

God has also been good to us with Frank’s college being covered, an amazing church to worship Him in, and we’ve yet to go hungry or naked.  He does provide for our every need.

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