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Alternative Lifestyle…

December 7, 2010

It occurred to me that we have an alternative lifestyle. The “norm” is getting up at the butt-crack of dawn, shipping the kids off on the bus or driving them to school, then going to work. Afternoons are spent collecting kids, homework/housework, dinner, baths & bed at a reasonable time. We, on the other hand, tend to sleep in, have lessons throughout the day, get housework sorta done, work if it’s on the schedule, and go to bed rather late. I don’t consider myself a rebel, but darn it! it’s nice to not be a slave to a schedule! What precipitated this thought was the sound of the neighbor getting his kids into the car this morning — they’re always loud — at 730. And we were all snug in our beds while it was 19 degrees outside!

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  1. Denise Porter permalink
    December 23, 2010 6:13 pm

    Hi. Just read your comment over at McMama about homeschooling your daughter in Grade 6. I am new to this with my son (also a Grade 6). I can be reached at if you are interested in encouraging one another in this endeavour! Blessings this Christmas to you and yours, Denise in Canada.

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