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November 10, 2010

While we did have a great time in Florida, I want to remember what happened the first night we were there.  The beach was dark when we arrived and the sky was covered with clouds.  It was so dark you couldn’t see where the sea met the sky.  Only the constant whitecapped waves were visible.  As I stood on the pool deck while the kids swam, I stared out at that blackness.  It seemed so huge and never-ending.  The waves were unceasing, always reaching for the shore.  It was so peaceful I cried.  I thought about how even though the sky and sea were making a huge (HUGE!) blackness and I couldn’t see the horizon or the bottom of the water, God is bigger than that!  He made those things for my enjoyment!  It’s not huge to Him!  The waves, constantly reaching out, reminded me of God’s love and that no matter if I’m at high tide or low tide, He is still reaching out to me in love.  Constantly.

I am amazed every time I go to the beach.  I want to remind myself to be amazed at the depth of God’s love for me – I’ll never see the bottom of it, or the end of it.  It will never end.  He gave His son for me is how much He loves me.  Something I will never fully understand.  He wants me.  Me!  Just as I am.  Even though I’m so selfish, lazy and quick-tempered, He wants to draw me closer to Himself and to just love me.  I guess the ocean/sky metaphor can also stand for His grace, His mercy, His patience, and probably so much more that I can’t think of.  I’m so fortunate to have God who loves me unconditionally.  I want to love Him uncontrollably, with no reservations, no fears, no doubts.  I want my heart to be open to His leading.  I want to be able to give grace, mercy, patience and love to those around me in such abundance, but I always hold back (or screw it up).

God, please grant me the ability to love people the way You love me.  Help me to love You the way I should and to put You first in all I do.  Thank you for Creation and for the joy it brings me.  Thank You for reminding me of Your love in small, still ways as well as the awesome, amazing ways.

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