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The Beach!

November 9, 2010

Well, we went away!  B&I went to Florida for the first time ever!  J bought tickets for the shuttle launch and then couldn’t go with us, so we took a friend with us.  It wasn’t a bad drive to Ormond Beach on Tuesday.  We got to our motel (a motor court-type place) and checked in.  Of course, the kids wanted to swim, but it was pitch black out!  Apparently it was sea turtle season, and all the ocean-facing lights have to be turned off so the little buggers don’t head inland after hatching!  The kids asked at the front desk about the pool, and even though you couldn’t see, it was open!  And heated – so nice in November!

The launch was scheduled for Wednesday, but after swimming and getting back into our room, we found out it was delayed until Thursday.  Now, we’ve been broke for quite some time, but I called the Ogre & he said we could swing another night.  T’s mom was called and she said another night wouldn’t be a problem, either.

Wednesday, all the kids wanted to do was swim.  The ocean was warm enough, so they bounced back and forth between the sea and the pool most of the day (which explains my blistered forehead!).

B&T at the beach

Of course, me being me, didn’t pack for an extra night (or for swimming!) and had to wash certain things out in the bathroom….ahem…  We also went out looking for something for me to swim in Wednesday evening!  We found a T-shirt from Biketoberfest that would fit the Ogre – and it has zombie skulls on it – right up his alley!  I ended up swimming in a T-shirt & shorts (in the dark pool!).  It was wonderful!

Thursday we woke up and found that the launch had been bumped again!  But not being able to move to Florida at this time, we decided to go on to NASA to visit.  This is what happened on the way to Titusville…..

Little Snoozie!

Bored to sleep!

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