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and NASA!

November 9, 2010

(Couldn’t figure out how to type after the double-pics at the end of the last post, so here’s the rest of the story!)

NASA is awesome!  Well, Kennedy Space Center…  There’s so much stuff to look at!  We saw a lot of Alan Shepard’s stuff (think he must’ve cleaned out his garage!) — his Corvette was there!  We all walked the gangway that the crew of Apollo 11 used to enter their space craft (moon landing crew!).  We “witnessed” a rocket launch from the control center a la Apollo 13, which was very cool!  The room seemed to shake and we heard debris hitting the windows behind us — very realistic!  We got to see the moon landing, ride the Shuttle Launch Experience (B didn’t – she was afraid to), and see Snoopy the Astronaut!  The Launch Experience made me nervous, too!  I wasn’t too sure about being tilted back 90 degrees.  But it was like riding a washing machine during spin cycle (J, I’m going to delete any comments you make!) – nothing too intense.  The kids saw gators on the bus ride to another part of KSC.  There was also an eagle nest, but none of us actually saw it.

Apollo 13's Flight Patch

Walking on history...

Jim Lovell's Space Suit

B & Snoopy

Alan Shepard's Corvette

Control Center

After the Launch Experience, we watched an IMAX movie on the International Space Station.  Very cool!  It was 3D, so we all had on those stupid glasses.  The theater was packed (I think because it was raining outside).  We had to visit the gift shop (poor T, trapped with 2 girls in a gift shop!), and came out with some fun things.

We left and went to the Astronaut Hall of Fame.  There’s a memorial to the Challenger and Columbia crews as well as the crew of the Apollo I.  I even saw a telegram sent to the family of one of the Apollo astronauts by Gerald Ford (I think).  Did you know that a lot of the astronauts were Boy Scouts?  A whole list of them!  There were report cards and flight helmets and military uniforms and college jackets on display.  We saw the evolution of the space suit.  There was a large exhibit devoted to the guys from”The Right Stuff.”  That was a pretty good movie, too, although a little long.  The kids rode the G-force Simulator after a long wait.  B didn’t want to do it when it was her turn, but I made her go in and she loved it!  Apparently while you’re spinning and tilting, inside you’re flying a fighter jet and don’t notice the spins or tilts.  She did say her face was pushed back (like a bad face-lift!), but she was thrilled with her ride.

In the G-Force Sim

Space Geek!

So, after closing the AHOF down at 7pm, we headed for home.  We got home 7 hours later — 2am.  Now we’re just waiting for the launch to be a “go,” so we can head back!  We just need a firm “go,” though – we can’t run down there!  And I was VERY impressed with my car!  It’s got 157k miles on it, but we got between 28-31 mpg!  And she’s 10 years old!  We are very blessed with that little car!

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