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October 21, 2010

Truly, not much is going on.  We’re on Fall Break this week, having completed 60 days of our 180 day school year.  B has gone to M&D’s for the week and F is at school.  C&I are working on redoing B’s room.  All the big furniture that was in there (except the bunk beds) was mine and now it’s my niece’s.  I just finished pulling up the carpet, pad & tacks.  Now we have to sweep, vacuum & mop the subfloor and use wood putty in the holes.  Then we’re going to paint it white with porch paint.  Oh, I can’t wait to show it to everyone!

As far as furniture goes, we took the dresser that ‘s been in our dining room since we moved in and stripped it down to bare wood.  I’d painted it black over the original wood finish, but B wanted it white, so it’s white.  Her desk is in the process of being stripped (will also be white) and a friend of C’s gave us a cabinet (white) that we will use as her nightstand.  M&D are going to trade us a full-size bed for her bunks.  I have been taking pictures of most everything for before-and-afters, so there will be a post soon with many pictures!

Saturday, B&I will be going to The Big Mo with friends for their daughter’s birthday.  Don’t know what we’re going to see, but the double-feature drive-in is always a good time.  NEXT Sunday (10/31), B&I are driving with someone else (don’t know who yet) to Florida to see the space shuttle lift off on 11/1!!!!  J bought us tickets and he may or may not go with, so maybe F will go, too?  If not, B wants her friend to go with us.  We’ll see.

We joined NewSpring Church a couple of weeks ago.  We’re on a series, “Man vs. Wife,”  and I’m hoping the swamp will be nicer after we learn more of God’s plan for us and how our marriage is supposed to work!  C is on the greeting team, B is working in the children’s department, and I will be <gasp> leading a small group come February!  Small is a relative term.  With a church of over 10,000 members, “small” groups usually consist of about 40 people.  I’m hoping to figure out where to meet, since our house WILL NOT hold 40 people, at least not sitting down!  I’m excited about it, because I’ve been feeling God leading me this way for some months.  Also scared, because I’m more of a behind-the-scenes person.  But I keep asking God for guidance and just the comfort of His presence as I prepare for this new season.

I would ask that if anyone who reads this please pray for Michelle.  I used to work with her, but she had a recurrence of breast cancer and just couldn’t keep working with the treatments she has to endure.  It’s triple negative, and is aggressive.  She has such a faith and a love for Jesus – you can’t help but be encouraged by her when you meet her.  She’s much more interested in you and how your life is, and is all about praying for you.  She is mid-30s and is just a sweet, sweet person.  She’s on Facebook – look under Prayers for Michelle Mason Cooper.

And while you’re praying, please pray for my friend from high school, Kathey.  She is currently beating her breast cancer, but recently found more cells.  She has 3 kids, the youngest being 2.  I haven’t seen Kathey since 1998, when we were both pregnant with our 11/12 year old daughters!

Have a wonderful week!  I’ll post pictures of B’s room on the next post….

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