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Frank’s Fabulous Summer…

September 26, 2010

So we began the summer with F graduating.  Wow – sometimes I can’t believe I can say that — I have a child finished with high school.  We were very proud of him – he gave the invocation!  Mom & Dad came down, and my MIL says she made it in time for the whole thing.  Afterward, we all went back to the house for some drip beef (YUM!)  & dessert.  We were joined by his girlfriend & her mother, which was very nice.

Giving the invocation

A week later, F left for Costa Rica.  His youth group goes pretty much every year, and this was his 3rd mission trip.  I think I’ve gotten used to him flying out of the country – the first year I watched the airline’s flight path from the time they left Charlotte until they landed in Liberia!  This year, I just checked to see if they landed safely.  He has had wonderful trips and they’ve deepened his relationship with God and given him experience in street witnessing and VBS.  We do love when he comes back.  For the past 2 years, we’ve gone to IKEA in Charlotte before we pick him up and this year his girlfriend & “MIL” went with Belle & me.  I bought way too much stuff 😦  But it’s fun!

B made a sign...

After he got home, he went to the beach twice.  Lucky guy!  (I haven’t been to the beach in a couple of years & we live less than 2 hours away!)  The first trip, in July, was with his small group.  The pastor takes the senior guys on a trip each year for a week.  They went to Pawley’s Island.  He had a great time there.  Apparently, I haven’t grabbed any photos of FB for my files, so I don’t have pics of that!  His second trip was to Isle of Palms with my MIL & B.  I seriously don’t know why F likes going there.  He does not like the beach so much.  I say it’s his “get away from Mom & Dad” time, which he pretty much agrees with.  I am glad he was there for his sister, though.  He took her to the beach one day & she was stung by a jellyfish.  (MIL can’t do the beach any more.)  He had to get her back to the house, so I’m very grateful he was with her.

Then, on 8/18, he moved into the dorms at CIU.  It was a crazy time for me as we had not planned for him to live on campus at all!  Fortunately we live close, so if there was something he didn’t have that he really needed, we could get it to him.

Sniff, sniff...

It only took one trip!

And then that weekend, he turned 18!  Mom, Dad, E, R, & AJ came to celebrate.  It helps that Dad shares the birthday!  Mom made him cupcakes which formed an alligator – funny!

Killing the gator with a Nerf gun...

Birthday Boys

More drip beef (can’t get enough!), and he went back to school Monday.  He’s been home every weekend since, mostly for food & clean clothes.    I close with the annual picture of the “First Day of School” (or as close to it as I can get)!

Doesn't B look thrilled??? Ha Ha!

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