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19 Years Ago Tonight…

September 20, 2010

The Ogre & I saw each other for the very first time.  Across a crowded room, even.  Of course, I thought he was a guy named Sean.

I was 21, living on my own, and headed out to my boss’ boyfriend’s bar (with my boss).  I needed something to wear, as all my clothes were really office-y type, not hanging-in-a-bar-type.  My former roommate wasn’t too far away, and she was going to let me borrow something to wear, so I headed over to her place.  Didn’t know she & her new roommate were having a party!  So I tiptoed through the legs on the floor and made it back to the bedroom where I proceeded to find an outfit.  I remember vaguely going back to the living room for something.  Saw a guy with a shaved head & thought it was Sean, the Marine.  Left and went out with my boss, lied about my name to some college boys, and an ex-boyfriend bought me a shot.  (Hey, I was 21!)

The next day, my former roommate (E)  called and told me a guy at the party had seen me and asked, “Who is THAT?”  He told her and her roommate (his friend J) he wanted to meet me, so in a what I consider a total fit of immaturity, E called to try to get me to go out shopping.  I am suspicious by nature, so I wouldn’t go until she told me what was up.  She confessed that a guy (The Ogre) wanted to meet me and they (E&J) thought they’d take me to the store where he worked.  I really thought that was stupid, which was fortunate — they had the store location wrong!  So it was set up that I would meet up with a group at a bar that night.  His brother’s band was playing and it would be easier to meet there.

The bar was a total armpit.  It doesn’t even exist anymore.  I walked in and met my future MIL before I met The Ogre.  Stood around, not quite knowing what to do until he came up and we were introduced.  He wandered off.  Even then, I hated crowds, noise, and especially DRUNK, noisy crowds, so I was not very comfortable.  A large redneck, beer in hand, gut hanging from under his too-tight T-shirt began to ask me to dance.  He was pretty persistent and I was creeped out!  The Ogre noticed and rescued me from this fire-breathing dragon and carried me off to the front of the stage, where he kept me beside him the rest of the evening.  The whole group went back to E&J’s house to hang out.  Most everyone left eventually, but The Ogre & I sat up all night talking in the living room.  When the sun came up, we left in his car to get some breakfast.  We took our breakfast to a downtown park where we sat on porch swings and continued our talk.  I think we could’ve talked all day, but he had to go to work!  He drove me back to E&J’s house, where I got in my little Festiva and went back to my place.

He brought me a single red rose every day that week.  On the Thursday or Friday (can’t remember) of that week, he brought me a hot-off-the-press copy of Scarlett, because he knew how much I love GWTW.  The next month, he asked me to marry him while we were playing rummy on the floor of my place.  We ended up getting married on Valentine’s Day, 1992, and have been together ever since!

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