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August 19, 2010

So much has happened this summer that I’m quite behind in posting!  However, this is just too cool to not record for posterity!

Since the Ogre lost his job in March ’09, financially we’ve been in the dumpster.  We received foreclosure papers in February and immediately went to a local HUD office to get help.  Let’s just say it’s not a quick process.  Our counselor advised us to let the bank repossess one of our cars (the only one we had a balance on) and buy one with cash.  She felt the mortgage company would work better with us.  After much struggle mentally, we did just that and now are the owners of a ’00 Volvo V40.  About a month later (8/4), the Ogre calls me while I’m headed out the door for work.  The mortgage company had called him and they’ve reduced our payments by almost HALF!  Now, I’m a crier (just ask my kids!), and I really had to stuff everything down, because snotty noses & red puffy faces are NOT what I want to see when I walk into a business!  But my joy was overwhelming!  I told so many of my guys at work the great news!  I was thanking God every other minute, “Oh, thank you, God!  Thank you!”

Apparently it rained while I was working.  I wouldn’t know, I can’t remember anything but rejoicing!  But when I left work and was driving home, I saw a double rainbow.  I knew right there that God was telling me, “See!  You just needed to have a little faith in Me!  I’ve got it under control.”


It’s not that I don’t believe  in God.  It’s that I think I’ve got it covered.  God must really laugh at me (probably daily) at my little efforts to control my world.  And then I got the second lesson…

Frank finished high school in June.   Normal step is college, right?  Well, he’s not the most on-it guy, so it was pretty last minute when he got all his stuff to the college he felt God leading him to.  I, of course, was freaking about how to afford it.  It’s not a public college, and to me, fairly pricey.  And we don’t have money to spare.  Yesterday was move-in day.  We found out Tuesday night (around 6) that he would have to live on campus in order to receive the financial aid package he was offered.  Freaking.  Ran to Wal-Mar% to pick up a few things he would absolutely have to have.  Went to the school around 930 Wednesday to get him registered, pay deposits, and check the financial aid situation.  Everything is covered with the exception of $3500, which he got a subsidized loan for!  And the deposits?  Almost exactly what we had in savings!

So last night, after getting Frank into school, I had to work.  And guess what???  it poured buckets.  And when I walked out of the store, there was another rainbow!  I just know that God is speaking to me and reminding me of His promise to “never leave me nor forsake me.”  Reminding me that He’s got it under control, that I need to rely on Him instead of myself.  My fragile, human self that could do nothing without God allowing it.

Excuse me now.  I still haven’t cried that my baby is off to college and I think I might be losing it!

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