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July 25, 2010

This just happened yesterday. A call came in at work (after 5pm) and an older lady was on the line, frantic because someone had stolen her license & keys three days ago and she & her pets were starving to death. Her words. Of course, we only get those kind of calls AFTER service closes! She was resigned to eating cat food with her pets until Monday when service would re-open and could make her new keys. I ended up transferring her to an emergency locksmith. What bothers me is this: did she have no family/friends/neighbors to turn to? Why did she wait 3 days, knowing she didn’t have her keys, to seek help? Why didn’t she immediately re-key her house if someone has her license (knows her address) and keys (can get into the house and/or steal her car)? Keys without an address don’t do much good, but add the license to that and you’re a sitting duck! Likely, she’s mislaid her purse and can’t remember where she put it. But why would she call a car dealership and not family, friends or neighbors?

I guess what I need to take away from this is to keep in contact with my family, friends & neighbors. I know I get wrapped (typed warped – how accurate!) up in my own little world and don’t work at serving my fellow humans, but I’d like to think I could be called if I was needed. I need to watch out for others more than I have been (without being a Mrs. Kravitz). I need to make sure my parents and in-laws (who are all in the 60s) are taken care of and don’t need any assistance. I need to watch out for my single dad neighbor, for my single lady neighbors, for the kids who drive me crazy because they’re in my yard with no parents in sight, for the animals who get loose. I realize I can’t take care of everyone and everything (though I try sometimes and fail), but I can do more. I need to make sure I’m available, both physically and mentally. Yes, some people are life-suckers (drain the life right out of me!), but that doesn’t make them any less important, especially in God’s eyes. Well, I’ve told the family that we’re going to start over – be more disciplined, more routine-oriented – I guess we’ll just add checking on others to the routine.

(Just noticed – I “guess” a lot. Need to find another word!)

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