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Life as I Would Like It…

June 19, 2010

Yesterday was a wonderful day. I was the Mom I want to be for the most part, got to do things I wanted to do for the most part, and just enjoyed myself. It was the last day of VBS for B and they always do a closing ceremony, so my friend A & I sat together and watched our kids along with 900+ others sing and recite Bible verses.

Over 900 kids...

Then it was off to Chick-Fil-A for lunch (the kids always get a certificate for a free kid’s meal at VBS) and then to Pets, Inc. to volunteer. We’re only supposed to volunteer for one hour shifts, but somehow we manage to stay for two. We took A’s daughter M with us. Then we headed to the bread store (ooooh, how exciting!) and got stuck in a downpour and horrendous rush hour traffic. While dropping M off, I got to chat with A some more. B&I got home more than 9 hours after she left that morning! We had dinner and watched The Waltons and went to bed. It was a wonderful day!

The male members of the house were C) working and F) still in Costa Rica. I do love my boys, but it’s so nice to have a girls’ day! Since C worked until midnight last night and had to be in at 10 today, I haven’t seen him for about 24 hours!

I would like my life to be more like yesterday, with more enthusiasm to get some cleaning done, of course! And maybe with the boys around some as well. Maybe. I just seem to get more accomplished when they’re gone. It’s funny, as I was leaving VBS yesterday, I was behind a group of moms who have the same problem! They said what I always say — Having your DH home wrecks your mojo! I don’t know why that is – can anyone else explain it? I know I have a routine and when C is home that routine goes right out the window, but why?

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