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May 25, 2010

Life has been happening so fast these days! We have volunteered at Pets, Inc. twice, had our final tennis lesson until September, painted bookshelves, hacked boxwoods, read books…. Now that I write that, it doesn’t seem to be quite so much!

B&B with some crazy puppies!

This morning, the Ogre & I had breakfast with friends. That was a nice treat! I’ve said for a while that we need Christian couples to hang out with, but have not been able to for one reason or another. I think it’s essential to have friends that we can both spend time with, who share values and life issues. This couple is in the same boat we are. The economy has hit HARD and we’re all struggling financially, we homeschool (they’re returning after a year in private schools), and we both have couple issues. Truthfully, the Ogre & I only have 2 problems: sex & money. Not enough of either! If we had more money & more sex, we’d both be a lot happier, or at least a lot less stressed!

We are on the 5-day countdown to finishing 5th grade! It’s 9:44pm and we haven’t done lessons yet today, so do I a) just double up tomorrow and still count today or b) don’t count today and finish a day later than we’d planned (F’s graduation day)? Sometimes homeschool laws make me crazy! I think we’ll just double up tomorrow – we’re getting through the material, and I seriously doubt any public school kids are truly learning right now!

The kids have been very funny lately. Today, F said, “Dad would eat a cockroach if we told him it was Mexican!” The Ogre just loves Mexican food that much! B has got a sneaky sense of humor that makes me laugh on a daily basis! Sunday we were discussing what to do with a swimsuit wedgie and I told her it was best to pick the wedgie underwater. She tells me she “corners herself” (in the corner of the pool) to pick. I told her she cracks me up and she says, “Crack! Haha!” Guess it really wasn’t the best choice of words!

I have got to get better about blogging my life. It zips by with such ferocity that I can’t remember everything going on!

Oh, we’re looking for a car for less than 5K that will last 2-3 years. We need to sell our Mountaineer to get out from under the payments, so if anyone’s reading this, please pray that God will provide both a vehicle and a buyer. We have some ideas about our “new” car, but are waiting for God’s timing.

Trying to do better,

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