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Life is Flying By…

May 25, 2010

Oh, I can’t believe I’m addressing graduation announcements! It is beginning to hit me that my baby (well, oldest baby) is almost grown. Eighteen years ago, he wasn’t even born, and I’m getting ready to send him out into the world!?!?! How the heck did that happen? We’ve gone from this:

Wasn't he so cute?

to this:

So grown up!

A very handsome young man!

Sometimes it reminds me how short this life really is. We spend our childhoods wishing Christmas, summer vacation, whatever, would just hurry up and get here already! We spend our adulthood rushing here and there, trying to get more and more stuff, more money, more time. If we would sit down and spend time with the One who created Time in the first place, and enjoy the things He created, how much more fulfilling would our lives be? We have a finite amount of time in this life. We don’t know when our last moment will be and yet we continue to live like we’re immortal. How precious life is, and how precious is the gift God has given us of His son and the promise of Eternal Life. We don’t always stop to talk with people in our lives, and God even less so. A relationship with Him is the one that truly matters and the thing that makes our earthly life sweeter.

My son has a relationship with God. A far better one than I’ve ever had. I’m so proud of the man he’s becoming, even though he can’t manage to keep his junk off the stairs most days. Thank you, God, for entrusting him to me for these past years. He is one of the greatest gifts I ever could have received, and a far better one than I ever imagined.

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