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Pet Peeves

April 26, 2010

Why is it that when I’m working and busy I can find time to blog, but when I’m off and have more time I can’t get around to it? Hmmmmmm…..

Anyway, today I seem to be getting really annoyed with people’s bad grammar, spelling and just out-and-out stupidity! Here are some prime examples of things that set me off:

Loose – this is not the same as “lose.” Loose means “my shoelace is loose.” Lose means – “I win, you lose!”

Discrete – this does not mean discreet. Discrete means “a separate entity, individual.” Discreet means “having or showing discernment.”

Apostrophes. You do not use an apostrophe to indicate plural. “I have two dog’s.” is not correct! Apostrophes are used in conjunctions (it’s [as in “it
is”], aren’t) or to indicate possession – (Greg’s dog).

I especially get peeved when published authors have stupid mistakes like these in their books! Maybe the editors should be fined for each grammatical or spelling error in each copy that prints???

I posted a free item on cr@igslist today, in the “free” section. I got an email back asking if the item was free. Do you think I should reply to the email? I just don’t think I want to get into it with an idiot.

As I work for a car dealership, I’m sure I will have more idiots falling from the stupid tree tonight. I wonder if anyone will top the lady who called one night after service closed? She asked to speak to our client relations manager (who leaves by 6). It was after 6, but whatever, I sent the call to the CR’s phone and the caller got voicemail. She calls back and wants to know who’s in charge when the CR is not around. I explained that no one “took over” her duties when she was gone, further cheesing the caller. I asked if she would tell me her problem and I would try to get her to the best person. She tells me her car (bought 3 months ago) was not working. I explained that service was closed and they could help her when they opened at 7 the next morning. Well, that wasn’t good enough! She wanted to speak to a live body, so I sent her to another manager, who told her service was closed and could help her at 7 the next morning. As I was working the next morning, I checked the schedule to see if she’d come in and she hadn’t. I waited until 3 that afternoon for her to call. Turns out she had left her car running and it was out of gas and the hybrid battery died. How dumb can you get?

Waiting for more dummies…..

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