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The Crazy Weekend….

April 12, 2010

Friday morning began with Frank hollering up the stairs that my middle brother was trying to get in touch with me. (Well, I had already had a shower, so I wasn’t JUST getting up!) Jay (brother’s alias) wanted to know if he could come up and crash with us for the weekend. He’d been invited by some high school friends (friends from high school) to go to a concert. So I said, “Come on!” and left him a key. I took the kids (since Frank was on Spring Break) to Belle’s tennis lesson, then dropped Frank off at school for a meeting. Belle & I went to get her Rita’s Italian Ice because she’d had her tetanus shot & didn’t cry. She hates shots.

After Rita’s, we headed home, thinking we’d meet Jay there, but he hadn’t arrived yet. So we began to figure out the bed roulette. Who was going to sleep where, knowing what we had to do that weekend. All the beds were stripped and washed and remade. Jay slept in Frank’s room to much grumbling by Frank, who slept on the top bunk in Belle’s room. Frank & the Ogre had to get up at the crack of early (3am!) to take Frank to school (Spring Break, right?) for the Honor Flight Fundraiser. Ogre came back for a bit, then took his shift at 630. Just before noon, the rest of us drove to the high school to see Frank give a short speech.

The cadets marched for 24 hours, making a small re-enactment of the Bataan Death March. The Bataan Death March began April 10, 1942. Any soldiers who could not keep up were killed. These cadets marched in 3 hour shifts, blistered their feet, and made their parents very proud.

Belle also worked a shift, helping fix food for those people purchasing lunch and for the cadets who marched. She got to count the day as a school day (volunteering counts, and she learned about history). She was highly complimented on her hard work and great attitude! This is her, in the food tent…

Toward the end of our shift, I had to leave to take Belle to her friend’s birthday party. I ran a couple of quick errands, ran into my senior English teacher at the library, and cooked dinner for the Ogre & myself before heading back to the school to do another shift. Luminaries, in honor and memory of service members, were lit around the route of the march. When they were all lit, this is what it looked like:

Sunday, we were all wiped out! The Ogre had to work until midnight Saturday, Jay got in just before midnight, and Frank & I were in bed before they got home. Belle was retrieved around 11 Sunday morning, and we spent the day being very lazy (although I was doing a lot of laundry after my nap!)

All in all, it was a busy weekend, but I couldn’t be prouder of my kids, and I was so happy that Jay came to visit.

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  1. April 12, 2010 11:31 pm

    oooh, Im SO excited! you have a blog and now I can stalk you:-) Like your writing style. You’re going to have fun with this!

    Glad to hear her shot went better. Am I remembering a shot last year that ended up with her passing out? Or something along those lines?
    Love and miss you friend!

    • April 13, 2010 9:52 am

      You’re my FIRST stalker! I have to say, I feel very “me, me, me” writing this. One day, I’ll come up with something profound!

      Her passing out on Election Day 2008 was because she saw a surgery on the TV at the fire station. It weirded her out and she hit the floor! Election Day 2009 (I kid you not!), we were at a friend’s watching her kids, when Belle decided to jump a small bump in the driveway on a scooter. The scooter went out from under her and she landed on her spine. Her lights were still on, but she was not home! We plan to hide her in a closet or tie her to her bed this next election day!

      Do an Izzy blog! She’s got enough material for one! I knew there was something about that girl! Have you heard about Katie? She’s in PICU with a mystery disease. I didn’t know if you were still in touch with Judy.

      Talk with you soon!

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