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It’s the Little Things That Make Me Happy….

April 8, 2010

Really, that’s what does it. I can make myself downright giddy by cleaning the most inconsequential things. Like this…..

I made myself so stinkin’ happy yesterday just cleaning the BULBS! It had been bothering me for a while, since we do our lessons in there and I would see it needed doing, but just never did it. Now it’s done and I’m so silly about it! I also purged the kitchen cabinets & wiped them all down, moved the rug from the living room to the dining room, rearranged the living room, then went to work!

Today, Belle came home from Mom & Dad’s. They brought the newest member of their household with them. His name is Rusty and on 4/12 he’ll be 4 months old. He’s the cutest little piebald dachshund I’ve ever seen! He fell in love with my elbow & upper arm for some reason and would sniff & lick there, then he’d nibble. Puppy nibbles hurt on fat, y’all! I sent them away with an old wagon for Angela, my niece. (Which was full of water and I didn’t know until I moved the darn thing, so we had to wait for it to drain before they could leave with it!)

This morning, as my mom says she’s never had banana bread that didn’t taste bitter, I got busy and made a batch of these…..

They are so yummy! They won’t last long. Belle & I are the only ones who eat them as both boys say they don’t like bananas. I forgot to get Mom to try one, so I guess they’re all for us!

I forgot how much noise one child and 3 dogs can make in the house. Why do I forget so quickly? But I’m so glad she’s home again. I missed her bunches while she was gone. Frank will be home later this evening (around 9) from his camping trip. Then the weekend crazies begin!

Last night I had a long talk with C. I vomited up all the stuff I’d been wanting to say and it was a LOOOOOOOONG conversation. We wrapped up around 1230am. He doesn’t know what to say about any of it, and that’s fine since I’ve had a month to think about everything and he hasn’t. We’ll see what happens in the next couple of weeks. Only God knows what will happen next – I can only pray about it and seek His will.

Still slogging through the Swamp,

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