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A Lovely Tuesday….

April 6, 2010

Usually I don’t work on Tuesdays and today was not an exception. I feel fairly accomplished, having taken Frank where he needed to go and dropping off movies on time at the library. Got the laundry done, cooked dinner, cleaned up and organized the homeschooling stuff, and we rented Sherlock Holmes tonight and watched it – thought it was pretty good.

Frank is going camping tomorrow with his small group, so that leaves C&I at home (after work, of course) alone for the first time since I can’t remember when. I wonder how that’s going to turn out? I have bathrooms to clean and then have to work – aren’t you glad you’re reading this?

Belle stepped on a rusty nail up at Mom & Dad’s Sunday. Went through her croc and punctured her foot. Of course, she’s due for her tetanus shot, being 11, but I just hadn’t gotten around to scheduling her appointment. She went to the health department in Anderson and didn’t even cry, so she gets to have her wish granted — I’m to take her to Rita’s for Italian ice soon. Now that I’ve opened that can of worms, I have to schedule physicals for both kids so they can get all the immunizations they need. I have to remember to get their shot records & insurance cards into an email for Mom in case this kind of event happens again.

C’s Uncle Jack died Saturday. He was in the Battle of the Bulge and served under Patton. I met him once (Uncle Jack, not Patton). It’s sad that so many of that generation never made it back and the ones who did are just so heroic. I get misty whenever I see old vets with their caps on. Frank went up to one once and thanked him for his service. I’m so glad he understands how important that is. My Uncle Huston was in WWII as a pilot for the Army. I never can remember what he flew, but my boys know. My granddaddy Robert was in the Naval Reserves, and served on the USS Day. I’m not sure if he ever saw any action, as he was pretty young when WWII was going on. My Great-Uncle Carl served in Vietnam. I know, uncle in WWII and great-uncle in ‘Nam? Different sides of the family and generational gaps. Goodbye, Uncle Jack — thank you for your service.

Belle will be coming home Thursday and Mom & Dad will go see Finn (my nephew). Depending on their timing, I may go with them, ’cause I haven’t seen the Finnster since the day he was born! I always said my brothers would wait until my kids could babysit before they had any, and darned if I wasn’t right! Angela is 17 months old and Finn is almost 3 months. Wonder how my brothers would feel if I posted their kids’ faces on my blog?

Saturday, Frank has the Bataan Death March Fundraiser for Honor Flight. It will be at Irmo High School beginning Saturday morning and ending Sunday morning. The kids have worked really hard for this – their goal was $1000, but they’ve raised about $10K! I will be working there sometime during the event and will post pictures this weekend.

I think I’m all caught up right now. Just killing time waiting for my photos to upload to Shutterfly, then I’m off to finish cleaning the dining room. More later….

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