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Yellow Rain…

April 4, 2010

If you live anywhere near pine trees, you know what I’m talking about. The pollen was horrible today! I got to work and the patio around the showroom looked like it had been carpeted in a greenish-yellow short pile. If you looked across the street at the woods, you could see clouds of pollen whenever the wind would blow. Thankfully this isn’t the pollen I’m allergic to. That’s coming, though.

The Ogre brought me lunch today, completely out of the blue. We get a free lunch at work on Saturdays, but I was very grateful I didn’t have to eat a pimiento burger. I ruined it when I got home, though, and told him we couldn’t afford for him to do that. Sometimes I don’t think he realizes what a budget is.

I just can’t seem to stop finding fault with everything the Ogre does. I’ve tried taking my thoughts captive, but danged if they don’t crop back up the very next day (sometimes sooner). I need peace. I’m tired of babysitting my husband and having to tell him things that are common sense. But if I don’t stay on him, things a)won’t get done or b)will bankrupt us or ruin something. Is it like this everywhere, when one spouse has the ability to see what needs to happen and the other hasn’t got a clue? He’s a really nice guy (especially to other people), but I think he’s an idiot. And THAT’s one of the thoughts I have to bind. It does no good to keep saying that in my head.

Anyway, back to yellow rain. The windows are all open, so everything will be covered in pollen, but I need the fresh air and the lower electric bill. The cars are disgusting. All the cars in the state are now yellow. We don’t need the rain, but it would be nice to have a good steady rain for about an hour to wash all this stuff up and get it out of the pine trees!

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